Photo: ATSF Livestock Car 58405

Bob Chaparro

Photo: ATSF Livestock Car 58405

Builder photo courtesy of Ray Breyer on the Facebook Pre-Depression Era Railroad Modelers group.

This is a Class Sk-L double-deck livestock car built by AC&F in 1910.

There were one thousand cars in Series 58002-59001.

These were the first Santa Fe livestock cars to receive steel vertical framing. Previous classes had wood vertical framing.

A Santa Fe mechanical drawing identified the cars as “stock & coke”. As built, the cars had Caswell drop bottoms,

957 cars were on the roster in 1945, 581 in 1950, 134 in 1956 and just 11 in 1961.

Some cars were shopped in 1935 resulting in the exterior upper side sheathing being removed and Caswell doors either welded shut or the floors replaced.

Some additional cars received solid floors in 1942-43.

Underframes from this class were used to make four tool cars in 1953-54.

Bob Chaparro


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