PFE 92157 TRUCKS (was Re: Buckeye Cushion Ride Trucks on Freight Cars)


Hi Tim--The truck under the left end of PFE 92157 is puzzling. As best as I could see when enlarging this photo, the trucks are identical except the curving transition in the sideframes into the thick material below the spring pack. The truck on the right end has what I would call a straight transition into the bottom portion of the sideframe. The adjacent car to the right shows this somewhat better with its different weathering. The truck under the left end of 92157 seems to be identical in detail except that transition area. In any event, neither truck shows a spring plank and both do have Barber lateral motion devices so I didn't think the 2DF8 was appropriate. On my model I decided the lateral motion device was the most prominent detail along with a straight transition into the bottom of the sideframe. The Tahoe Model Works 109 has this appearance. The 109 does have a spring plank, but I felt this was an acceptable compromise with no other available alternative. Wow. We have come a long way from everybody's "Bettendorf!"
Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL