Tank Car Belly Shots (and Wabash panel side hoppers)

Dave Nelson

GATX 30636 and GATX 5259


Dave Nelson _._,_._,_

Nolan Hinshaw

On Oct 29, 2022, at 08:29, Bob Chaparro via groups.io <chiefbobbb@...> wrote:

Did anyone notice the rivet counters?
Well-played, Chief!
Willie saw some dynamite
Couldn't understand it quite
Curiosity never pays;
It rained Willie seven days.

Bob Chaparro

Did anyone notice the rivet counters?
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

Paul Krueger

Here's the news article about the wreck:

Paul Krueger
Seattle, WA

Philip Dove

The thing l noticed is that the hopper cars have the unusual shaped panels to get a bit more cubic capacity. 

Steve Stull

Great images.  Lots of detail we normally don't get to see.

0079-001, lower right hand corner.  A great example of crud buildup on the wheel face.

Steve Stull
winslow 7076

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