Resin kits for sale


How do I get in touch with Tony? The email address had been truncated here.

Victor Baird

Clark Propst

My mistake, I didn't know my name was going to be in the email. If interest please contact Tony.

Clark Propst

Sunshine kits

5.7 NKP 52'-6" Steel Gon 15-panel Greenville Design

24.28 SLRX Fishbelly Beer Reefer Large Herald 1947-’62 (have 2)

64.5 NKP 10'-6" IH Rebuild Murphy Ends Panel Roof

64.8 NKP 10'-6" IH Rebuild Murphy D’naught End Door

64.9 NKP 10'-6" IH Rebuild 14' Lt Wt Doors Diag Roof

67.12 W&LE/NKP 40' Fixed-end Gondola Steel Floor (have 3)

67.12D NKP/W&LE Distressed 40' gondola (have 3)

67.29 NYC USRA Clone 40' Steel Gon Wood Floor Murphy Ends

67.30 NYC USRA Clone 40' Steel Gon Wood Floor D’naught Ends

67.31 NYC 40' Steel Gon Rebuilt Steel Floor D’naught Ends

67.32 C&NW 1941 8-post Steel Gon Wood Floor H-section Posts

67.37 NC&StL GB-3, 10, 11, 12 Gondola

70.7 NKP 48' Drop-end Gondola Wood Floor

70.8 NKP 48' Drop-end Gondola Steel Floor (have 2)

71.1 URTX/MILW 1930 Wood Reefer

71.3 URTX/MILW 1930 Wood Reefer 1940s-50s Gothic Ltr Simple Box (Herald?)

82.11 NKP Fruehauf Ribbed Side Trailers No Side Door


Funero & Camerlengo

7084 Wabash 40' Single-sheathed Autocar One-piece Body, Wood Doors, Murphy Ends, Decals, AB Brakes, 1940s-‘60s


$50 each including USPS shipping

Tony Koester