Latest builds

Clark Propst

Every so often I get the itch to pick up a kit for seed. Instead of stripping for repainting and decaling I decided to build as is. The two box cars were built at a ‘normal’ speed, they were on my desk for a couple weeks. The stock car was a quick build kit so only took a few minutes to assemble. No changes to the P2K stock car, but I did replace the sill steps and the lower end grabs with A-Line steps and Tichy wire grabs on the two box cars. I added Tangent uncoupling levers and replaced the trucks under the GMO car with Kato ASF A-3 Ride Control and added pulling loops (roping staples) to the bolster tabs on the NYC car.
The GMO car is a Branchline. A friend loves these things and has dozens on his layout. I’m not that fond of them. Too many broken parts, maybe because of the kit’s age or the plastic used? I really don’t like their running boards. I might change this one for a Kadee which are my standard RB nowadays. The NYC model is Intermountain. I like them better, Red Caboose box cars are my favorites. I still have a IM 37 mod box car I can do a lot with, so it’ll stay in the drawer till I get another itch  ;  ))
I like to use different weathering techniques to avoid uniformity. These were all airbrushed with black, brown and off white tinted Dullcote and Floquil grime. I did use pencils on the wood RBs and the side rivet lines on the two box cars. Shoe scuffs on the NYC.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa