Resin and brass

Tim O'Connor

Those are the ancient imported brass US Hobbies bulkhead cars -- stand in I guess
for the General Steel postwar bulkheads cars later done in resin and then plastic from Atlas
I think huge numbers of them were imported so $20 sounds like a typical value for those
Many or all of them came without trucks, I think.

Michael Gross

Thanks for this link, Clark.  They've got some nice stuff and good prices.  And that glow in the dark passenger train is very tempting.  :0)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Michael Gross
Pasadena, CA

Clark Propst

Above is a link to Caboose Stop Hobbies virtual show. At the 7 minute mark are some resin kits, at the 11 minute mark are some brass bulkheads.

Clark Propst