another Viking roof for Branchline AAR 1937 boxcar.


It's been noted that GN got these cars for lumber loading.  If the car is loaded with 16' 2x4's up to the roof (not likely, of course), the load's 90,000 pounds.

For those of you who wish they'd had a chance to load such a car, each 2x4 weighs 18 pounds.  Going up to 50, towards the end of your shift.


Edward Sutorik

Andy Carlson

Keeping with GN's policy for 10'0" IH cars, look as it has an 8-rung ladder and 5/6/5 tall doors (normally used for 10'6" IH cars)! Red Caboose '37 AAR with Desplaines viking roof. What is a good source for a 5/6/5 Tall pre-war Youngstown 7'door? GN favored painting the ends black for leased cars.
Inline image

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In 1963, GN leased cars in the series GN 15000-15549.  They appear to have had Viking roofs (see attached photos).

They were "...formerly Erie-Lackawanna Series 78500-78999 and 79000-79199." (this from the GN diagram for the cars).  They are noted as being built in 1940.  I suspect the door widening happened after E-L ownership--A.A.Morrison Co. are listed as owners.

Note that trucks were listed as "Barber, Nat'l.B1 Cast Steel" (see attached photo).

Also note that the secondary door is wider than the main door.  Inside height is 10'.


Edward Sutorik