AC&F Type 21 and Type 27 Tank Cars

Eric Thur


 I was looking to build a Gulf States Creosoting tank car model from an extra 8K tank car kit I have in my collection. Looking at the prototype photo in the ACF Tank car book. The car is listed a built 3/29 and is ARA Spec III. It looks short without rivets on the tank cradle supports, like Type 27 cars have. I noticed that Type 27 cars are labeled as " ICC 103".

See Attached Photos of Type 21 and a Type 27 Tank cradle supports. The Type 27 has rivets on its face, the Type 21 does not.

My question is" Is there any accurate way to tell the difference between an ACF Type 21 and Type 27?   Are all ACF ARA Spec III cars type 21? Ditto for Type 27 cars "Spec 103"?

I see that several models of the Gulf states car were built using the Intermountain 8K Type 27 kit. But the prototype photo looks to me as being a Type 21 car. being short in length, so I am not sure if I should use the Intermountain Kit for this model.

Any info would help.

 Eric Thur