lumber door

Dennis Storzek

Here is what I have... The cars were built by Haskell & Barker in 1921 on the eve of being taken over by Pullman, so may be similar.

Dennis Storzek


Thanks Dennis, that photo of the track helped immensely with that detail.  I also had questions about the rib bolts/nuts behind the track, and that answered that too!

I was able deduce the design of the Pullman lumber door latch, it is actually in reverse of the H&B design as the upper end with the hasp attaches to the face of the boxcar end and the movable hinge and eyelet swivel are on the door face. The hasp bail is attached to that and it closes over the staple fitting on the boxcar. The hasp bail is held in place on the staple not with a pin or padlock like the H&B, but a keeper that pivots around the uppermost fastener and retains the hasp bail.  Rather complex setup, and could explain why there were many variations found on the 1000 cars and their decedents.  RIP and ingenuity prevailed.
RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA