more Bill Gould [RealSTMFC] Significance of the P&LE / PMcK&Y USRA single sheathed rebuilds ?

Tim O'Connor


I definitely put that about the tank car into the "hobby legend" category. I mean, the work that might have gone into
the 120 ton Brownhoist could have been incredible -- And CAD tools and machine tools were nowhere near as good
as they are now! If the sales were disappointing it may be because he just didn't charge enough for it! I mean, if any
kit in 1990 was worth $69, it was that one! And I would have paid it, because yes, I only bought one. I mean, how
many Brownhoist cranes can you use? :-\

Fully assembled, I don't doubt they could get $199 for them RTR. Dunno why Intermountain/Tichy doesn't do it. :-)

Know what's kept me from building mine? Lack of a color image of the machinery! I saw one kit built once and the
entire interior was properly painted -- gears, machinery, structure, etc. What a difference! But that was before cell
phone photos.

On 1/4/2023 9:53 PM, WILLIAM PARDIE wrote:

All of Gould's kits were engineering masterpieces.  I always suspected that he got out of the business because of all the grief that cascaded down on him when he produced a tank car that had never been built. That is certainly our loss.
Bill Pardie

Tim O'Connor
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