[MFCL] Zero sum debate

Charlie Vlk

I don't know all the folks at Scale Trains but am confident that the company is lead by guys who are very proficient Model Railroaders.
There is a legitimate market for what may be not termed in a prerogative way "Blue Box" level equipment. The tooling in question is recent so is much better than the 1950s standard of some of that genre but still not accurate for a narrow prototype or offered with variations that result in a $40 or $60 car with many applied details.
This category of cars will hopefully provide good revenue to Scale Trains that will make all sorts of new projects possible. I doubt that they will do a Bachmann or Model Power and slap any darn art on cars without making reasonable attempt at proving at least reasonable "stand-in" well decorated product.
While the guys running the company are Model Railroaders they have to play businessmen in order to keep providing industry-standard stuff....junk doesn't sell otherwise the Marx F3 and NYC Hudson would be available...(the tooling isn't boat anchors for some cruel reason still exists).
......now, if only, Scale Trains would do some N Scale Transition Era stuff (not Turbines!) so I can become a customer!
Charlie Vlk
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