Union Pacific System 1915 renumbering


Years ago when the Net was young I was on the Smithsonian website looking @ the UP Pullman passenger car builders photos - BUT the ones before 1915 did not match up to similar cars either in my UP references or my UP diagram book.
Recently some one mentioned the ORERs @ Archive. I downloaded the June 1917. The June 1917 is important - it has the 1915 renumbering for both UPSys freight & passenger.
Union Pacific starts on pg 637 in the ORER but put 519 in the pdf reader page search.
PFE is pg 916, use 700,
Espee is pg 647, use 529,
SPLA&SL is pg 635, use 517,
StJ&GI is pg 823, use 659.
UP/OSL/OWR&N is the only one which changed their car numbering.
-=- Bob Colquitt