ADMIN : Manufacturer "bashing" thread is terminated.

Aley, Jeff A

Hi Folks,


               Let me be very clear: on RealSTMFC, “members are permitted to criticize or praise manufacturer's products free from criticism from other members. Criticism of a manufacturer's business practices is, however, not within the scope of the group.”

What that first sentence means is that this group IS the place to discuss whether or not a model is prototypical, and in what ways it does or doesn’t match a prototype.  And our reaction to someone’s praise or criticism will NOT be to belittle that person, or to claim his or her standards are too stringent or not stringent enough. 

The second sentence means that this group is NOT the place to criticize WHY a manufacturer chooses to make an imperfect model, or in some way fails to produce exactly what we want, in the quantity we need, at the price we desire.


               I believe the discussion on this topic has gone on for a sufficiently long period (and doesn’t seem to be dying down).  So I am stepping in an declaring this thread terminated.  Let’s get back to actual freight cars.




-Jeff Aley

Moderator, RealSTMFC