Ann Arbor RR Caboose

Craig Wilson

Here is the only diagram I have ever seen for the AA wood cabooses:


I suppose if you zoom in and look closely you can probably get what you need.

The diagram is from the 1920's and is labeled "Standard Caboose" but bear in mind that many AA wood cabooses were "converted from boxcars" and as a result there were a lot of detail variations in their actual construction.  It would be a good idea to find a good picture of one and compare it to this diagram to judge where the variations are.  There are some decent photos on the RR-Fallen Flags site.  A lot of these wood cabooses were reassigned to MofW service and painted yellow.  These generally retained their 28xx numbers in yellow paint although some were given 46xx MofW numbers.  A couple of good Jim Parker color photos of these on RR-Fallen Flags.  Also, AA 2823 sat for many years at Ferry Yard in Ann Arbor Mich where crews laying over used it as a bunkhouse.  There also are decent photos of that one both in color and B/W.

Craig Wilson