Apalachicola Northern pulpwood cars

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Paul - Ed Hawkins lists all the regular and bulkhead flats built by ACF
between '43 and '57 were box car red. Now the pulpwood car in question was
homebuilt, but the ACF paint schemes would suggest box car red for these,
too. (And it isn't that flats built after '57 were a different color - they
may or may not have been - but just that Hawkins doesn't have any flats on
this list after that date for ACF.)
In RMJ's Freight Car Models, Vol. II, L&N box cars built by ACF in May
of 1946 were matched to an equal mix of Floquil Box Red and Rich Oxide Red,
and those built only a few months later, in September of that year, were
matched to Accupaint Rich Oxide Brown.
Box cars built earlier by ACF in 1941 were matched to a 75/25 mix of
Floquil Oxide Red/Southern Freight Car Brown, again with black roofs (July
1991 RMJ and also reprinted in their Vol. II).
There were double-door box cars built in January of 1947, featured in
the June 1992 RMJ. A class cars built in January of 1947 was matched to an
equal mix of Accupaint Oxide Brown and Rich Oxide Brown. All components,
except the roof which was black, was painted this color. (Three different
hues in cars built less than a year apart! So take your pick of hues and
then take your pick of which shade of Floquil colors because they shift so
much from batch to batch.)
As for the AN cars, I would guess yellow, but that is just a guess from
the photo. By the way, in '58, the series was 200-249, but none of the AN's
130 cars (flats, gons, and pulpwood cars) were "employed in interchange
service". - John
Now what color red?

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Didn't even know that AN had them. Do you know what colors the cars and
lettering were? Also, do you know the color of the body of the IC cars?

Paul - I assume you've seen this photo from the '57 Cyc.?
- John
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The GM&O yellow scheme was the delivery scheme BUT some people in the
GM&OHS believe it was only applied to the first 2 cars, so only our -1
number would be correct in this case. We have not been able to
this in either direction, but all of the photos I have for higher
cars do have them in box car red with white lettering.

Thanks for the link, I was looking for a good shot of the L&N cars as
as more info on the IC cars, these will help.

IGN, MP, SP and NCStL also had these cars but we are having trouble
up good photos of them to create artwork from.

Dear Atlas - You offer your GM&O pulpwood car in yellow with black
letters. Denis Blake said he thinks this is the as-built scheme. Is
it? (Since the cars were built about 1952, steam-era modelers would
want to know this scheme is useable that early.)
By the way, you probably have this information already, but
our web page
I've identified four other versions of this car, including three
'50's photos.

- John Nehrich
Paul Graf
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