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As promised, here is a letter from the American Railway Association dated September 12, 1923 making assignment of the reporting marks for use of the John H. Grace Company.


The business of the company was largely refurbishing previously owned and leasing them out to clients so the G.R.Y.X. reporting marks were seen on a wide variety of older tank cars, but some new built tanks and other car types also used the marks (probably most notably, the Empire Fuel Coal Company G.R.Y.X. 1018 box car which has been produced in N Scale by Micro-Trains.


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Guy is correct.   I have a copy of a letter that granted Grace Tank Car line their reporting marks.   I'm not at my main computer to access it right now and it was likely predecessor ARA given the authority as the company was active earlier. If of interest I will post it later.

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“Yes, I found that one. RICX wasn’t officially allocated to the company until 1937 which is why I didn’t ask for searches before that date.. Any idea who allocated or approved the letters?”


The Operating Section of The Operating-Transportation Division of The Association of American Railroads was charged with assigning reporting marks from 1934 forward.  


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