Atomic Waste Shipments 1950s

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I've wondered if ACL cabooses accompanied its shipments in the 666 combine (from the Savannah River Plant, in S. Carolina across the river from the Augusta Ga. area) to Rocky Flats. Bob's Photo has a photo of an ACL red caboose coupled next to a UP caboose at a yard in Colorado - don't have the print in front of me so not sure if it's dated, but I think mid- or late 50s. ACL (and early SCL) kept a couple of wood cabooses around the Augusta area that I suspect were for this service into the early 70s, although they may have been only for local movements on ACL-SCL rather than going cross-country. 

Does anybody have photos of the ACL 666/SCL 4267 in service between Chicago and Colorado?
I doubt that the movement was accompanied by an ACL caboose because the caboose would have to be equipped for passenger train service

If you have a copy of Classic American Streamliners by Mike Schafer and Joe Welsh, take a look at page 119. I believe that is "the Devil's car" on the head of the Hummingbird/Georgian departing southbound at Dearborn Station in Chicago.

One frequent destination was a bomb plant near Burlington IA.

Years ago at a train show, I had a conversation with a member of the BRHS about the car. He had tried to take a photo of it at Chicago Union Station and some guards jumped off the car and chased him away.

Just think, this stuff was being transported right under the public's nose in passenger trains.

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The ATSF way car D933 for the AEC was modified in January 1963, too new a topic for this group. If anyone is interested I can provide Western Archives scans of what appear to be builders photos of the exterior and interior. Contact me off-list.

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I'll soon be cataloging some photos of one of the ATSF-modified way cars for the Western Archives of the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society.

Charley Hepperle

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The Santa Fe modified a couple of drover cabooses for the AEC to serve as guard cars.

One is preserved in Barstow at the Mojave River Valley Museum and another at the S. Calif RR Museum (OERM).



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Anyone have pix of this ACL car?  I suppose it would've been posted already tho if someone had it.

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Anyone have pix of this ACL car?  I suppose it would've been posted already tho if someone had it.

davo in Orlando