automobile box cars (was ACL Freight Car Color)

Tim O'Connor

Check the XMR column of the "special type cars" circular that is published in the ORER.

In 1963, it still shows

 ATSF - 69 cars in 6 series
 B&O - 360 cars in 6 series
   CN - 977 cars in 2 series
and so on and so forth ...

So even though most cars lost their "automobile" stencils (when they ever had them to begin with)
there were still a lot of box cars capable of transporting automobiles in interior racks throughout the
1950's and even later. The SP still had well over 1,000 XMR box cars in 1963!

Tim O'Connor

On 5/13/2021 2:37 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:
Brian Shumaker wrote:

 I assume by 1959 the “Automobile” is a misnomer and it was used as a lumber, appliance and such hauler. 

Not really. The AAR did drop, about 1955, its "standard" nomenclature that any double-door box car was classified as "automobile" regardless of cargoes carried, but a number of roads continued to so letter double-door cars. And I certainly doubt anyone rushed to paint out the word "automobile" after 1955.

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor
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