B&M 29100-29499 series bark / Pulpwood cars


I'm researching all B&M freight cars (https://www.bmrrhs.org/freight-car-data)

In the B&M & ORER records, this series:
is listed as "pulpwood"/wood racks, converted from Pratt Patent coal cars
The B&M's Pratt patent cars were mostly built by the B&M or Laconia

But in the ICC valuation data,  these cars are listed as "bark" cars, "purchased second hand in 1912-1913", and have a variety of builders/dates, NOT matching the info I have for the B&M's Pratt patent cars:
- AC&F (1899, 1900, 1901)
- Bradley (1900)
- Wason (1900)

I was wondering, *IF* the ICC data is correct, if anyone know where these cars came from (railroad & car series)

NOTE: in this same time period, the NYNH&H had control of the B&M, and sold some other cars (the B&M 33000 series flats and B&M series 12800 reefers) to the B&M, so that is one possible place to look...

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Ken Akerboom