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I thought I would fill folks in on the latest sighting and purchases of photos of Col. Chet McCoy from Bob's this past weekend. I did purchase only some sixty odd this time, versus ninety odd in January.

I will focus on what I saw as highlights

N&W 40319 only in-service shot I have seen of their rebuilt USRA 50 toners with radial roof, triangular gussets on the lower corners of the door opening, and ladders replacing the grabs

N&W 48826 a B-5 with odd looking high speed trucks

Lots of Milwaukee road stuff, including 593188 and 597947, 40 foot single sheathed double door house cars. Many other 40 & 50 foot single sheathed and some nice shots of 40 & 50 foot horizontal rib welded cars. Beautiful shot of stock car 104067 recently issued by Westerfield.

Many single sheathed C&NW too, especially 50466 and 55542, double door forty footers

Several nice Norfolk Southern shots, including three different styles of gondolas, at least five different 1932 car numbers, and a very interesting XM-4 class with square corner 4-5 Dreadnaught end, Viking roof, 10'3" interior height, with double doors. Could be modeled using the Red Caboose kit, but modifying the kit to have a straight side sill with reinforcement under the door. #'s 26000 & 26010.

Many nice B&O and Pennsy early steel cars, many taken in San Diego

As he is printing the collection by railroad, there is still much to be seen. I have seen very little L&N & no Fruit Growers yet for example.

Bob will be in St. Louis this summer at the NMRA convention show and at Naperville next October.

My problem with things like this is I seem to have no self restraint. For example I don't think I have never seen a wood sheathed house car I did not like, or an early steel car for that matter.

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