Books, Model trains for sale


Good afternoon group;

Please pardon the possible duplicate post, I received an error message the first time I tried to send this.


I have a stack of books for sale, as well as some HO scale equipment. Books include around a dozen Morning Sun titles, 18 RPC titles, some Speedwitch Media titles, Train Shed Cyclopedias, and about 2 dozen or so Miscellaneous titles. Model trains include some Athearn/Genesis, Atlas, Proto 2000 and a couple brass items, nearly all are late steam-early diesel era stuff. ALL items are reasonably priced. For lists of what’s for sale please email me OFF-LIST at jamesharrmodelmaker_AT_gmail_DOT_com and I will send you a PDF. First-come, first served, on the honor system. I will do my best to get lists out as quickly as possible.


Thanks for your time;


James Harr

High Bridge, NJ