Broadway Limited 6,000 Gallon Tank Cars

Andy Laurent


Broadway Limited has announced a new round of 6,000 gallon ACF tank cars in HO. There are some new schemes and some reruns. This time they are selling them as 2-packs, often with two different schemes on the two cars. To see both schemes in a 2-pack, you have to click on the artwork, then go through the 4 images in the pop-up window.

Question: Will any dealers be willing to split up 2-packs to sell as individual cars? If so, please contact me off list. I am interested in the VSX car from 7661 and the TELX car from 7665. I would also be willing to match-up with someone who wants the other cars in these two sets (Pittsburgh Plate Glass and Solvay Process).

Thank you,
Andy L. 
Madison, WI