C&EI Gondola

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford <mallardlodge1000@...>


While this photo features a PRR 2-10-2 (an N2?), here is a nearly complete, if somewhat grainy, view of a C&EI gondola. I think the number is 94358 from series 92000-9449. There were still seven of these cars in service in 1958.

The car is similar to Caswell gondolas in series 91000-91999, which according to Richard Hendrickson (RMJ, March 2000), the C&EI modernized with steel sides and ends during WWII. He didn't say if the rebuilt cars came from the 92000 series, but that seems a reasonable assumption. 

Also note the NYC boxcar immediately behind the tender. 

This photo is in my collection, and is undated or otherwise identified, but I suggest it is early 1930s.

Additional comments or clarification would be welcome.

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Garth Groff  🦆 


The NYC/Michigan Central box car is a "1910 standard" car;-,one of 16000 such built for the NYCL in that year. The fishbelly underframe with 10" side sills was one of three types of underframes used on these cars and appears in the 1912 CBD.( the others were a twin center sill Bettendorf design and a rather odd ACF design with 2 heavy truss rods and V shaped plate crossbearer/needle beams.Westerfield's ACF photo CD has pictures of these) This car has been refitted with the NYC standard wood door with 3 stiffeners and a wood door stop, used on most all wood cars after about 1917..NYCSHS has drawing N-37037 of this door in their collection. The second car in the train also appears to be a NYCL car-either a 1910 car with the Bettendorf underframe mentioned above or a "1912" car with yet another design of fishbelly underframe having only light angle iron side sills.( also see the 1912 CBD) of which 15965 were built. The number of cars built in those years boggles the mind.
Larry King