coke ovens at Stonega Coke and Coal Company in 1931

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List Members,
We get a view of boxcar SOU 168793 in this view of the coke ovens at Stonega Coke and Coal Company in 1931
Also, a N&W boxcar and at least one other boxcar are involved.
There is a lot to see in this image - the (double-sided) bank of coke ovens, coke on the ground awaiting loading, a mule working the with a cart, a long-handled tool above that cart leaning against the oven wall, ladders to climb to the top of the oven, the catenary to power the electric larry cars running atop the ovens, I could just keep ongoing!
Note how the boxcar doors on the side facing us are all open, and the openings boarded up with coarse boards
An awesome scene!
Claus Schlund

George Courtney

Being as how I have an Interstate branchline I'm modeling, (along with a Southern Mainline) I'm really grateful for this photo.

George Courtney

Bill J.

I shouldn’t’a, hadn’t’a, ougn’t’a seen that!  I’m a big Interstate fan, and that makes me want to tear out everything.  Jeff Kraker did the IRR with perfection, I’m still in love and awe!