Conductor's Train List - GB&W 1945

Andy Laurent

Since one sheet of an AT&SF train list was so interesting, I'll share a copy of a book from a Green Bay & Western Railroad conductor in January-February 1945 that is in my collection.  I tried to attach this to a message awhile back, but it didn't go through...I will link to it instead.

GB&W Conductor's Book 1945

Most of the trains in the book are through-freights, Trains #1 and #2 between Winona, MN and the Pere Marquette & Ann Arbor carferry connections at Kewaunee, WI.  Mr. Hansen's territory seems to be primarily between Green Bay ("0") and Wisconsin Rapids ("96"), with alternating out and back work days. Common stations are:
AA or PM -carferries at Kewaunee 
24 -Black Creek (SOO) 
40 -New London (C&NW) 
70 -Amherst Junction (SOO)
212 -East Winona (CB&Q)
214 -Winona (MILW+CGW).
A station number key can be found in the left column of the industry list here.

As for reporting mark abbreviations, he uses "Q" for CB&Q, "StP" for CMStP&P, "K" for KGB&W (home road), "Penn" for PRR, sometimes "C" for C&NW, and "-" as a ditto mark. There are some interesting occurrences, including gondola PMcK&Y 92481 showing up in his train several times in 2 months!

Andy Laurent
Madison, WI