Cotton Belt dbl door boxcar

Tim O'Connor


I missed out on many of the Sunshine rebuild kits, although I got that particular car - the 10-8 car.

I missed the SSW 10-2 rebuild with 7/3/7 ends (52.10)

On 10/28/2020 1:58 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:
Frank Hodina wrote:

There was a Sunshine kit for that SSW autobox. Think it was released in 2007. Let me know if there's any interest in reissuing this car or the other USRA rebuilds that I did for Martin.

  That's a nice kit. I have the completed car on my layout, too. I would recommend it.

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

Ken Adams

Warming to the idea of having to wait for a RCW reissue of the Sunshine kit. Unless someone makes the 7-3-7 ends and they are easily available. Don't think I could cut and repiece the Tichy 5-5-5 end into a 7-3-7 convincingly. 
Ken Adams
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