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Noble Freight Car Grandmasters,
Well, my post regarding the cycs. didn't open up a can of worms, but it sure did promote some discourse on research, books, etc. I thank all of you for the kind and extremely informative responses, as well as your encouragement.
I suppose the reason that I, as a newcomer to model railroading, decided to go the prototype modeling route has to do with my background with history. I have a Bs in History, and have spent a great portion of my so-called adult life recreating various periods of US history in P-scale (12"=1') for the NPS, various state historic sites, and museums both as an avocation and a vocation. In Civil War circles, I was known as one of the "hard-core campaigner types" as opposed to "main-streamers". This, to me, is about the same as "prototype modelers" vs. the "shake the box" crowd. We spent a great deal of our time pulling our hair out because those that manufactured our reproductions would get it wrong, even though they said they copied an original. Many of us adopted the phrase "It takes as much effort to get it right in the first place as to get it wrong, so why not do it right the first time". Much of my joy and happiness in pursuing that recreation of history was getting "it" as right as possible within my abilities, and I just wanted to transfer the same philosophy over to my railroad modeling. Hence, that is why I joined this group. That is why, as soon as I had the money, I purchased John Nehrich's "Steam-Era guide to HO Freight Cars" back in '97. I have been choosy about my purchases, but there have been some mistakes. John's book has kept me from making some really bad purchases for the most part.
Historical Societies: Yes, some are better than others, and the L&NRRHS ain't perfect. If it wasn't for Steve Johnson, that single photo and profile probably wouldn't even make it in there. If any of ya'll have a question regarding L&N, NC&StL, or TC freight equipment, he IS the MAN! What the society has done though, is provide a means for me to get in touch with those who DO know the info which I am seeking out, or those that have done what I aim to do. For that it has been excellent.
All of you have provided me with some really fantastic info and guidance for finding the freight car info I need. Please know that I WILL use it! Now, if I can only get my own little space in the house to start on some of those resin kits that I want to get going this year. :)

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