Decal Lot


Have several sets.

NKP Steam 2 packs Champ

PRR 3 boxcar one gondola Champ and John Hall

ERIE 1 Boxcar and one Cov Hop and caboose Champ and Dans Resin Casting

AC&Y 1 boxcar Champ

SOO Line  1 boxcar Walthers

C&O Caboose Champ

UP 2 boxcar Champ

UTLX 2 cars Champ

GATX 1 car Champ

SHPX 1 car Champ

SP GS Gon Champ Super Set

SP PFE 50' reefers Microscale

Tank car 3 sets

NYC 2 Hopper sets Champ

ACL Heralds

EMD & GE Builder plates Microscale

Railroad Graffitti 3 sets Microscale

Assorted Reefers Hormel, Boise Cascade, GN and NADX  Microscale

Pere Marquette 40' Boxcar Smokebox Graphics

L&N Open Hopper 5 sets Champ

Envelope of assorted.

MONON Boxcar and Hopper  Model Railroad Supply

Lot $100

Mark Morgan bnonut@...