early insulated tank car (ROTX 118)

Andy Laurent


To revive a thread from this spring, I have been working on one of these Northeastern Scale Models HT-4 corrugated shroud tank car models.

The information that I have gathered on the Riverside Oil ROTX cars is that they were used "for gasoline loading" according to the ORER entries, and that they went to GATX before WWII.  I went looking in the 1955 ORER and 1955 Tank Car Capacities book for cars that matched the ROTX 118 listing (TMI type, 80,000 lb capacity, 8092 gal tank, 169 gal dome) and found a few series. Does anyone have an idea of which might be accurate?

GATX 36000-36009 (not 36006)
GATX 5056, 5057

Thank you,
Andy L.
Madison, WI