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I remember Hoffman's character going under water with  googles, but I don't think he was under water when he got the message about getting a job in plastics.  He couldn't have heard the message under water!  


Could we revert to other materials for modeling? Could we go back to Silverstreak? I've still got a couple of those old models on my layout. 

Jim Hunter

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I always interpreted the movie line to mean get a job in the plastics industry...If I remember correctly Dustin Hoffman was literally underwater when it was delivered at a party thrown by his parents to celebrate his college graduation. Of course that's where he meets Ann Bancroft's character, the infamous Mrs. Robinson and....

I have always used this comment line as bit of humor to puncture the reverence given resin kits in this and several other forums,  but Tony's comment is reality. Though insignificant in terms of the worlds volume of plastic output and less likely to pollute the oceans and beaches, there is a tinge of ethical guilt in our modeling using both materials which come from carbon based sources. Could we revert to other less problematic materials these days. We should probably not think to deeply about this or it might force us to give up physical modeling entirely and move to pure virtual models (dusting off the electronic train simulators populated by CAD images?) where we will have to satisfy our imaginary railroad worlds solely with agitated electrons. 
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