F&C meat reefer prototypes


Off-topic, but illustrative of the point.

I bought, off that same infamous site, a Sunshine stock car kit, probably one where the picture only showed the box end.  Most of the time, that's good enough for me.  What I got was the box with the instructions and a spare door (Sunshine often provided three and sometimes four of some parts).  I contacted the seller, who said the kit was his dad's and it appeared that the car had been built, he apologized profusely and refunded me.  I agree that, if you don't open the box and look, sometimes it can be hard to tell on a Sunshine kit if it's all there, since they were originally tightly wrapped and the box doesn't rattle much and the castings don't weigh that much.

Just like the steam locomotive models on eBay which are posed with the tender behind the engine all right, just backwards....

Ron Merrick

Philip Dove

About 20 years ago I got a resin kit in a plain box for a reefer with Wilson decals, on closer examination it was the Roundhouse, it was easier to carve the grabs of a Roundhouse model.  Comparing the kit with F&C kits of that time it was probably some knock off by an anonymous person , hence the plain box.
Does the roof on a roundhouse 37, reffer kit represent any type of 20th century car roof?

nyc3001 .


I think the Roundhouse roof is a fairly standard tongue and groove wood roof. It doesn't appear dissimilar to the one on the ARLX 11000 series car.