Fw: [L&N] WofA/A&WP Boxcar info


Steam-Era Gize,
I didn't know if any of ya'll could make use of
this info. I think Andrew made a typo in that he meant a note on 5685 only
instead of 5686. If any of you are interested in these cars, enjoy!



I have a paint/lettering diagram (1941) of these WofA/A&WP boxcars. It's
interesting to note that both aluminum and mineral red were in use from the
beginning. Here are the specifics:

Series # of boxcars Road Lot
17300-17359 60 WofA 5685
37300-37339 40 A&WP 5685
17400-17464 65 WofA 5717
37400-37459 60 A&WP 5717
19800-19899 100 GARR 5717

Note for Lot 5686 only:
"All letters & numerals to be 'Roman' except monogram. Letters & numbering
on sides to be black, and on ends to be white." [Ends and roof black; sides

Note for Lot 5717 only:
"All letters & numerals to be 'Roman' except monogram. Letters & numbers to
be white." [Entire car mineral red]

Andrew Waldo

Richard Hendrickson

Warren, thanks for forwarding this - good information! I'm not heavily
into southeastern RRsd (since I model the Santa Fe in Southern California)
but I'll probably model at least one of these cars, so I appreciate having
good data on the paint and lettering.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520