Fw: [RealSTMFC] coil gondola shipping early problems

Andy Carlson

These WP cars were re-fitted twice. Early in the 1970s also. I had a difficult time finding pictures of the interior when I made my 1st kitbash WP 20' Coil Gondola and I had to guess the rivet patterns. At that time (over 25 years ago) there was no P2K 52' gondola. I used a flat ABS kit from Canada for a Greenville design NYC company built 52' gondola. The drop ends, which were early fixed tight by WP shops, was partially made by me from a Details Associates SP GS gondola end. This was my 1st scale thickness, both sides detailed, Dreadnaught end I made and it had about 0.006" thick ends. Decals were a mix, with the silver spelled out Western Pacific from a Champ WP decal set.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Western Pacific had 29' gondolas made specifically to haul coil steel.


Todd Sullivan

The Canadian NYC gon kit made of ABS was from National Car Cast (NCC).  I still have a few parts.

Todd Sullivan