Several years ago I learned that BLMA was offering grab irons in both straight and drop styles that were done with .008 wire.  The wire was strong enough that it did not distort when handled.  I found this to be a real time saver in creating the grabs and also they really made a difference in the appearance of the models.  I guess that BLMA was sold to Atlas a short time later and the grabs were subsequently dropped from the line.  I just found some on line that were marketed as Atlas/BLMA.  I was delighted to find these as I am sure many of you will as we.  I bought mine from a dealer who apparently thought that shipping to Hawaii was like shipping to Bagdad.  I’m sure that a better chip[ping rate could be found.

Bill Pardie

Dave Parker


Tangent also offers 0.008 grabs in both straight and drop.  Not sure how shipping costs compare.

And I agree about the improved appearance with scale grabs.  I haven't used anything larger than 0.010 in a long time.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA