ICC Freight Commodity Statistics


For those interested, I have compiled *all* the statistics for the B&M, for the years they published individual RR data (1917-1963) (plus 1914-1916 regional/national data)
NOTE: Even if you aren't interested in the B&M...I include the following more general data (see right-most columns):
1) Eastern District (early years) or New England Region (later years) data
2) National "loads originated" data

The Excel file is available here:

Each year is a "tab" at the bottom (worksheet)
There are some examples of how to use Excel to create charts for traffic over time (see rows on each sheet down below row 300, and worksheets after the "[19]63" worksheet).

And some discussion about the ICC commodity data is here:
(or at least read the info in the "00-Notes" worksheet)

If anyone is interested in compiling their own railroad's data, feel free to use this as a template
Constructive criticism always welcome.. Particularly if you know the documents/regulations that governed what was included in each commodity (e.g. what is "Naval Stores"???)
Ken Akerboom

Jack Mullen

On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 07:04 AM, akerboomk wrote:
what is "Naval Stores"???
The generic term for resin products, so called for the early primary use in wooden ship construction and maintenance. Includes turpentine, pitch, rosin and tar.

Jack Mullen

Bill J.

Fascinating and incredibly useful.  Thanks for the long, hard pull to compile all these data!

Bill Jolitz