Looking for images of B&O 50-ton AAR Standard offset side twin hoppers

Brian Rochon

Apologies for cross-posting this item.


I am finishing up a project for the B&O RR Historical Society (BORHS) covering the 21,300 50-ton AAR Standard offset side twin hoppers that the B&O purchased or built between 1940 and 1960.  These cars ran in revenue service until the late 1970s and in ice breaker service into the 1980s or (maybe) the early 1990s.


Utilizing the B&ORHS Archives, the B&O Museum, the Barriger Library, the Pullman Library and several members of this list, I have been able to locate images of these cars from each builder’s lot with the following exceptions:


  1. Class N-35A, 500 cars in series 823000 to 823499, built by Pressed Steel Car Company in late 1947
  2. Class N-35B, 1000 cars in series 824000 to 824999, built by Bethlehem Steel in early 1948


If you have an image of one of these cars, would you be willing to share it with the BORHS for this project?  In order for us to use a photo in one of our publications, it needs to either be in the public domain or we need the permission of the photographer or owner of the collection.  In addition, if you know what changes were made to the Class N-35B cars to distinguish them from the N-35As, I would greatly appreciate your input.


Please reply to me OFF LIST at berochon@msn(dot)com or use the “Reply To Sender” link at the bottom of this e-mail.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Brian Rochon

Silver Spring, MD