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Earl Tuson

On Jan 4, 4:53pm, Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D. wrote:
On Dec 23, 10:59am, Kathe Robin wrote:

Lee English tells me it will cost ~$28, to make a new mold and the order
rate just doesn't justify it.
Surely "~$28" is a typo; I'm curious as to what the real tooling cost
would be. $2,800?
Um bet is that we'll be adding another zero - $28,000
These numbers are starting to get ridiculus. I was quoted $1700 for a "double
side puller" mold for a pair of chilled iron wheels and a tapered axle in S
scale. When I got a re-quote, eliminating the axle, and thus the need for a
specialized mold, that price fell further. No way would a brake mold cost

Earl Tuson

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While I'll be the 1st to admit that $28K sounds high for an air brake
mold, I've been designing molds and getting them into production use for
more than 25 years.

If you look in the archives there is a series of items related to mold
manufacturing and costs running from around 8/8/00 to 8/20/00, which
also contains significant feedback from Dennis Storzek of Accurail, as
well as some hard dollar figures for models you have seen and handled.

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