New Haven 17000-17274


In 1937, the NH built these 75 flat cars at their Readville shops
using welded underframes furnished by Bethlehem. Does anyone have
any information, drawings, etc. for these underframes? The only
photo I can find of a Bethlehem welded underframe is in the 1940 CBC
and it's too short. Maybe some other roads used similar underframes
for their own purposes or received built up cars with welded
underframes of a similar size. The cars were 52'6" over the pulling
surfaces, 50'0" over striking plates, 49'3-1/4" over the end sills,
39'0" over truck centers, 5'8" wheel base, 9'2-1/2" between side
sills (deck width) and 10'2-1/2" over the stake pockets. Many of you
may know these cars as some were modified in the early 1940's for
TOFC service. Thanks in advance for your help.

Ted Culotta