New MTH HO scale freight cars

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The box cars shown in the MTH catalog are actualy Model Die Casting (now Athearn). I can't see the trucks clearly, so don't know whose those are.

In the last years of MDC we made new tooling for new sides for the old 40' box car, with molded-on Youngstown, Superior and double doors.

MTH says theirs will have working doors. So what's shown are only stand-ins for MTH's PS-1 box cars.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV
I should add... A couple months ago I stated on this list that I can identify the USRA twin hoppers in the MTH catalog photos as being Accurail products. The close-up photos showing wire grab irons were either modified cars, or who knows? It's obvious that MTH filled the catalog with "stand-in" images, and it's not worth my time to delve into it again.

Dennis Storzek
Accurail, Inc.

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I saw the MTH reefer in a hobby shop this afternoon (Sat the 12th). I saw two cars, individually boxed, not the 6 car set. I
suspect the shop owner split up the set. It is a nice looking car, fine wire grabs. Lettering was for PFE and is sharp. Sorry I
did not catch the number or other info. And I did not have my PFE book with me and do not feel knowledgeable enough on said
reefers to offer a confident buy or avoid recommendation. I did notice it was on the "new" shelf, and must have just arrived,
because they had not yet marked the price. Also it was the only MTH freight car I saw.

Doug Harding