New Tangent GA 6000 Gallon 3-Compartment Tank Car in O Scale (!)

Chris Barkan

While studying Tangent's website today, I noticed this (!)
I am an "HO guy", but this may be hard to resist.  I can only afford one so the dilemma will be which one?
Chris Barkan
Deerfield, MA


Hi Chris,

There has been much talk of the O scale model on the Proto48 List.  In my opinion it's a great choice of prototype--one that spans many eras.  Knowing Tangent I'm sure it is an exquisite model.  They even offer a choice of five-foot or P48 trucks--a nice touch.

The price point for this model is rather high but offering the model in brass is the right choice for the O scale market and the manufacturer.  I expect we'll see more niche models from TSM in brass in HO and possibly other scales.  The quality just keeps on coming from Dave and Dan.

John Golden