NKP 50ft double door box cars some with Viking roofs questions

Tim O'Connor

Elwood I am under the impression these cars can be modeled with the Proto 2000 models with
replacement Viking roofs. That's what I did, anyway.

The D&TS photo appears to be a car painted in their "oxide red" scheme, not blue. All of the blue cars
I've seen are postwar box cars.

Oops, hah! I called you Elwood. Sorry Elden. :-D

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Thanks again, Tim!  I think they are fascinating cars, and worthy of at least a resin kit, but auto and auto parts cars seem strangely of less interest.  Sunshine did a nice group of auto parts cars, but I expect this was a pattern-maker interest not general public.


Elden Gatwood


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Elden, some of the them were sold to the D&TS

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I have searched in vain for my copy of the MM issue in which Bob Hundman outlined the NKP all-steel 50-foot double door box cars, in two series, one of which had Viking roofs.


Does anyone on the list know much about these cars?  Were they built for automobile or auto parts service?  I know NKP had plants on-line.


They look unique in several ways.  Did some have racks?  Were some or all originally “Damage Free” cars, or did that come later?


Do you know anything about the cars that went to P&WV?  They appear to have stenciling that would indicate as assignment.  Any idea to whom?  See attached.


Thanks in advance!


Elden Gatwood


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts