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I can’t find all my MW photos, but here are a couple.  PRR had batches of XL box cars converted to camp cars, flangers, etc.  I can attest also to them sitting most of the time, not being moved.  Prior to a move, there would be a small gang of guys that showed up to make sure they were movable and had working brakes.


Some PRR twins made it into MW is the fifties, as need for those cars dropped off.


My friend Al Buchan and I had many conversations about the challenges of running a MW fleet full of cars that were mostly ignored and long past their prime.  I wish we still had him here for us to talk about the various trains they populated.  He was one of the people charged with converting old HW Pullmans to combined KDRS-14 (kitchen,dining,recreation,sleeping for 14 men) when the XL’s and X23’s were deemed less populable for crews.


Elden Gatwood


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In the late 1970s, I worked for a drug store in Indiana, PA, that also delivered home health supplies like oxygen tanks, beds, walkers, etc. A few deliveries were made to Blairsville and Derry, PA, which were along active parts of the former PRR. I recall seeing ratty yellow MoW cars on sidings. There were old GLa composite gondolas and X23 boxcars converted to storage and camp cars. Sadly, I did not take a camera on these trips to capture these fading relics working out their final years.



Eric Hansmann

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Consider the cost to keep them serviceable and safe.  Mofw cars usually set most of the time only  requiring inspection and maintenance when scheduled to move.


Mont Switzer