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I greatly appreciate the input!  Any input you can provide is ALWAYS appreciated.


Menagerie is right.  I was looking back at some of the data I collected, and it was indeed a dog’s breakfast of cars on the PRR, due to the incredible variety of customer demands in their territory.  It wasn’t just Westinghouse, it was also Mesta Machine, United Engineering, United States Steel, and many others, all with specific needs.


It must’ve been lucrative, otherwise why?  Bragging rights?  Not enough.  These cars were incredibly expensive.


Elden Gatwood


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If you ever find a copy of that, I would LOVE to see a copy!


   Elden, I have a copy in hand as I type. In the middle 1960s, SP issued a series of "Freight Car Specification Sheets" for all car types, 25 in all, and over time some of the sheets received supplements (many were one-page sheets, but many were longer). The heavy-duty flat cars wee on sheet 12A (one of the supplements). I can copy for you. Of course SP did not have the menagerie of specialized cars that PRR needed for its traffic.

    There was once a set of these sheets on-line, but when I went to the saved URL, they were not there. Haven't searched to see if they are out there somewhere.


Tony Thompson