[Non-DoD Source] Re: [RealSTMFC] PRR class X26 USRA ss boxcar in 1948

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Thanks, Ben!  Good eyes!


Elden Gatwood



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Elden Gatwood wrote:

"Can anyone read the end lettering and car number?"


Looks like PRR 37724, which would put it in the PRR 37100-39865 series.  Note also the 1932 ARA boxcar with Pullman flat ends coupled to the PRR Class X26.  It's not a proposed 1923 ARA design boxcar because it has a tabbed side sill.  My guess is it's from NC&StL 18000-18499; the car appears to have a "Dixieland" slogan above the reporting marks, and lacks the large herald to the right of the door that you'd expect from one of the other possibilities, Seaboard.



"I see an end door box car back there."


A single-sheathed 50 ft boxcar, by the looks of it.



"B&O M-15 to left?"


A Class M-15 wagontop rebuild, or a newly-built Class M-53



Ben Hom