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Gatwood, Elden J SAD



From the limited correspondence I read, the intention was to have the cars go between certain origination through many destinations, on an expedited delivery basis, subject to adjustment as needed.


The cars assigned show, to me, some confusion.


The expansion beyond X40B is notable, but still confusing.


The earliest scheme was sure pretty.  Example attached in color.


The concept did not pan out.  Many cars ended up in general service, far offline, later, and many not repainted became very ugly.  Example attached.


Some stayed in LCL to near the end.  Numbers in various ORERs.


Elden Gatwood


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That's an interesting car for sure.  With Pierre's oil canning effect that would make a neat HO scale car.   Did those cars make it off line at all or where they in dedicated service on specific routes?

Scott McDonald 



Thank you for that color photographs!  That is a much browner red then what I had envisioned.  Would that be Tuscon Red? Pretty car with fresh paint.  That had to be labor intensive to paint.  I found some old Champ decals for the second version with the all white stripe in case I chicken out with the aluminum strip ones.  The Champ description says that started in 1950 so hopefully thats accurate.  After my mis adventures with the New Haven Bill Board decaling a Youngstown door makes be nervous.

Thanks again,
Scott McDonald