[Non-DoD Source] [RealSTMFC] Rails and Hoists for Spools of Rayon

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Here is an example of the PRR’s “silk” car fleet.  Not lost on me is the car number, right next to a rayon car number of 1964. 


Note the interior dedicated racking equipment.  The obvious overhead rail is how the racks were slid into the channel for following movement in-car. I am not sure how and if these were modified for rayon shipment.


This is one of the cars recommended to Tangent for inclusion in their offering:  early X31A with transverse reservoir and early end arrangement.


During WW2, the silk cars would be moving to parachute manufacturers for the war effort.


Elden Gatwood



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I am the one who provided that research, but have been unable to verify who generated the loads, or a photo that shows stenciling for routing.


I suspect these may be re-purposed “silk” cars, but have not put in the time to examine various ORERs for car numbers.


For 1964:


64529, 64649, 64710, 64872, 64977, 65130, 65139, 65307, 65314, 65317, 65332, 65386;

66549; 67025, 67048;

67361, 67394;

69307, 81148, 81189





X37a, X37b,


X31a  dd





1, 4



Eqpt w/racks and hoists for hauling spools of rayon yarn on beams



Yet another research project….


Elden Gatwood


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Good Day,
I recently acquired my first ORER (January 1953) and set out to put the PRR section into a spreadsheet.
I found that 31 boxcars (X31A and X37A & B) had a note that they were equipped with "Rails and Hoists for Spools of Rayon".
Does anyone on the list have any references to the users of these specially equipped cars or pictures of the equipment?
I will review the other major carriers to see if there are equivalently equipped cars.

Not a large quantity o cars, but it caught my eye!


Tom Kane
Modeling PRR in 1954 (ish)
PRRT&HS 8188
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