Northern Pacific RR Potential HO Models Survey

Bob Chaparro

Northern Pacific RR Potential HO Models Survey

I'm just passing this on for those of you who model the Northern Pacific Railroad.

This survey is from the Northern Pacific Railroad Historical Association.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


NP Modelers,
The NPRHA Modeling Committee has developed a survey to gauge preferences for HO models to be developed in the conjunction with manufacturers. Your input will influence which models could be released over the next several years.
No guarantees of course, but we have plans to get VERY serious about developing NP specific models, following the lead of other RR historical societies.
The process to take the survey is pretty straight forward, but does involve two elements - "pictures of the 12 options" in a PDF file, and the actual survey on the SurveyMonkey site. Responding should take less than 10 minutes. The survey will close at the end of December.

Your responses should indicate your preference from the 12 offered, you get three votes in 1-2-3 priority.
Steps to take the survey:
1. Open this reference PDF file:

2. Now open the survey

3. Answer all applicable questions in the survey, using the PDF file to view data and pictures for the options, clicking Done to save your responses when you're done.
Some details:
* Dollar costs are rough projections to help in contrasting options. Don't get too hung up on the dollar amounts.

* You might want to review the full PDF listing before starting to cast selections.
* There is one required response - your last name.
NPRHA Modeling Committee