On my recent West Coast swing to speak at Monrovia and Pleasanton, I
stopped along the coast one morning just North of San Simeon. The
attraction was a colony of Elephant seals, and as I watched, an old
Bull seal came crashing out of the surf onto the beach. In his
element, the ocean, I'm sure the old Bull was free and graceful. But
on the beach he flopped around clumsily, plowing his way through the
crowd of young "weaner" seals, bellowing and snorting as he tried to
make himself comfortable. The youngsters were vastly outweighed, and
despite their loud complaints they moved aside.

For some reason this tableau popped came to mind today as I thought
about some recent exchanges on this list. Hopefully, us old Bulls
have the sense to stay in our element where our bulk and experience
work to our benefit, and that we don't irritate the youngsters too
much - fuzzy or not. Just in case, here are some signs that you're an
Old Bull:

1. You still call it "Piggyback".
2. You think of ABBA as F-units, not a Swedish Rock group.
3. When younger club members talk about coal porters, you mention
that Gershwin was a better composer.
4. You think of Gordon Odegard as one of the young fellows Paul
Larson brought to MR.
5. You know that Don Reschenberg was the other one.
6. You can't believe John Allen has been dead longer than he was a
practicing model railroader.
7. You own more resin kits than plastic.
8. You might build one someday.
9. You remember that the Globe/Athearn F-unit and the LaBelle coach
were once leading-edge models.
10. You remember when PFM's late `50s "Daylight" 4-8-4 had more
detail than you'd ever seen on a model.
11. You think that, sometimes, Byron has a point.

Tom "hrrRRUUUMphh" M.

Jeff Aley - GCD PE <jaley@...>

On Apr 6, 12:52am, wrote:
Subject: [STMFC] Observations
some signs that you're an
Old Bull:
2. You think of ABBA as F-units, not a Swedish Rock group.

Tom, be careful. Some of the youngest members may revert back to F-units,
having never heard of the "rock" group ABBA. I was born in 1970, so disco
is just a faint (and horrible) memory.


-Jeff [the 2nd youngest dinosaur]

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