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From: "Stuart Forsyth via groups.io" <trainmail@...>
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Sent: Friday, February 17, 2023 12:08:03 AM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] For Sale: 21 Speedwitch Media kits

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Attached is my For Sale List No. 5 of 21 Speedwitch Media kits, which are being offered first to my email list and members of this and other lists from which I have learned so much over the years.

Speedwitch not only produced fine resin castings, but also often made its own highly-accurate decals.

If you find something of interest here, send an email to <sales@...> with the following information:

1. Start the subject line with ORDER.
2. Be sure to include the barcode nos. and kit #s for the items you want.
3. Your shipping address.
4. Your telephone number.
5. Your preferred method of payment.

Please do NOT reply to this eMail.  Your reply will either go to the entire list or to an email address that is not monitored for orders or inquiries.

All emails regarding these Sunshine Kits must be sent ONLY to <sales@...>.

Thank you and Best wishes,


Stuart A. Forsyth dba
1640 Winder St.
San Diego, CA 92103-3736
(619) 674-3651 (Pacific)

To join my email list and receive advance notice of my sales, click here:<https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/0sf6mEZ>

nyc3001 .


-Phil Lee

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