Pacific Fruit Express Aluminum Refrigerator Car PFE 45698



That UP shield is B&W. You can tell because it has 3 lines, Union

Color UP shield had 2 lines and no " Railroad "

Dan Smith


On Sun, Oct 16, 2022 at 10:20 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:
has anyone compiled a chronology of the UP heralds applied to PFE reefers ? Here's a PFE ice reefer
in 1974 with a full color UnionPacificRailroad emblem. Was this car repainted ? It looks so unfaded.

Bob McKeen photo PFE 60051 Oct 8, 1974

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

And yes, there have been lists of paint and lettering changes compiled.
By Tony Thompson, Dick Harley, Ted Cullota I believe, and others.

The Reefer in the photo is an R-40-25.

Thanks for posting that great shot.

Dan Smith


Dick Harley


Thanks for sharing that photo.  Should have started a new thread.
That car was painted no later than March 1960.  Of course, not the repainted number or reweigh data.

I agree that the UP medallion in that photo could be construed to have Red stripes.  But the odds against that being so are incredibly high.  There never was a drawing issued for such a medallion like that with Red stripes.
Would be useful to see the original image, before it was subjected to the vagaries of scanning.  Somehow, the stripes are somewhat shifted from Black to Red.

A few of my clinics on my SmugMug site have a slide with the UP medallions and their dates of use.

And of course, all the medallions and dates are in the Painting book, which is arranged chronologically - and still available from SPH&TS.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach,  CA